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CS6551 Notes Computer Networks Regulation 2013 Anna University

CS6551 Notes Computer Networks

CS6551 Notes Computer Networks Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. Computer Networks Notes free pdf download.

Applications CS6551 Notes

Most people know the Internet through its applications: the World Wide Web, email, streaming audio and video, chat rooms, and music (file) sharing. The Web, for example, presents an intuitively simple interface. Users view pages full of textual and graphical objects, click on objects that they want to learn more about, and a corresponding new page appears. Most people are also aware that just under the covers, each selectable objection a page is bound to an identifier for the next page to be viewed. This identifier, called aUniform Resource Locator (URL), is used to provide a way of identifying all the possiblepages that can be viewed from your web browser.

There are a variety of different classes of video applications. One class of video applicationis videoon- demand, which reads a preexisting movie from disk and transmitsit over the network. Another kind of application is videoconferencing, which is in someways the more challenging (and, for networking people, interesting) case because it hasvery tight timing constraints

Although they are just two examples, downloading pages from the Web and participatingin a video conference demonstrate the diversity of applications that can be builton top of the Internet, and
hint at the complexity of the Internet’s design. Starting from the beginning, and addressing one problem at time, the rest of this book explains howto build a network that supports such a wide range
of applications.


Subject Name Computer Networks
Subject code CS6551
Regulation 2013

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