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CE6401 Question Bank CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS REGULATION 2013 Anna University

CE6401 Question Bank CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS REGULATION 2013 Anna University

CE6401 Question Bank CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS REGULATION 2013 Anna University  free pdf download.

Sample for CE6401 Question Bank: 

1. Define seasoning of Timber.

2. List out the defects in timber.

3. What are the causes of decay of wood work?

4. What is veneer plywood?

5. Define annealling of steel.

6. Mention the market forms of steel.

7. What is anodizing of aluminium?

8. What are the available forms of aluminium?

9. Describe the composition of duralumin.

10. What are the methods through which galvanized coatings is given to GI sheets?

11. What are the paints commonly used in building construction?

12. Name the basic components of paints?

13. What is pigment volume concentration number?

14. What are the considerations in choosing paints?

15. Define distempers.

16. Mention the types of varnishes.

17. Differentiate between dry distemper and oil bound distemper.

18. Define covering capacity of paints.

19. Define blown bitumen.

20. What is penetration of bitumen?

21. What are the constituents of Glass?

22. What are the properties of Glass?

23. What are the uses of Glass?

24. What is the characteristic feature of ceramic materials?

25. What is Sealent and where it is used?

26. List the uses of ceramics?

27. Write a short note on FGRP?

28. What are the uses of FGRP?

29. Write any four properties of clay products?

30.What are the uses of Clay products?

31.State any four properties of Refractories?

32.Write a short note on Refractories?

33.What do you mean by composite materials?

34.What are the types of composite materials?

35.What are laminar composites?

36.What are the applications of laminar composites?

37.What is Geo Membrane?

38.What are the uses of Geo membrane?

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