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CE6401 Important Questions CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS REGULATION 2013 Anna University

CE6401 Important Questions CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS REGULATION 2013 Anna University

CE6401 Important Questions CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS REGULATION 2013 Anna University free download pdf.

Sample CE6401 Important Questions:

1. Why you choose stone as a building material?

2. Write down the characteristics of good stone?

3. List out the types of tests on stones.

4. List out the tests on bricks?

5. Define the term frog.

6. Explain deterioration and preservation of stone work?

7. List out the names of bricks for special use.

8. Explain light weight concrete blocks?

9. What is the standard size of brick used for construction?

10. How will you classify bricks? Write down the types of bricks?

11. How do you store lime and what are the precautions in handling lime?

12. List out the types of tests for lime. Give some examples.

13. List out the various grades of cement in India.

14. Write down the mechanics of setting of cement.

15. Write down the formula for lime saturation factor (LSF).

16. What are the industrial byproducts of cement?

17. What do you mean by setting time of cement?

18. What are the required chemical and physical characteristics of flyash?

19. How will you classify sand for making concrete?

20. List out the tests for quality of sand. Explain any one of them.

21. What do you mean by aggregate abrasion value?

22. Write down the tests for coarse aggregate?

23. Write down the general requirements of mortars?

24. What are the tests prescribed for mortar?

25. Write down the processes in manufacturing of clay bricks?

26. What is meant by efflorescence in bricks? How can it be removed?

27. What is meant by hollow blocks? Mention its applications.

28. State any four advantages of bricks as compared with stones.

29. List the different types of refractory bricks?

30. Give the different classifications of stones, giving an example of each.

31. How will you manufacture concrete blocks? Explain the procedure in detail.

32. Write down the dimensions and tolerances in the concrete blocks according to B.I.S.

33. How will you classify the concrete blocks? Mention its names.

34. What are the usual tests prescribed for concrete blocks?

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