Anna University Revaluation procedure

Anna University Revaluation Process

Students have many Doubts regarding the process to apply for Revaluation in Anna University.

We have provided the step by step process involved in applying for revaluation.

So what is revaluation?

The revaluation is a process for students to re-check or to re-correct the answer sheet.

Photocopy Revaluation procedure :

In this process students have to pay Rupees 300 /- first to get the photo copy of the answer sheet. They can ask their staff to valuate the paper and then they can check conform and then they pay for revaluation (Costs Rupees 400 /-).

Total amount is 300 + 400 = Rupees 700 /-.

Full Process Of Revaluation Explained

1. The candidates who have obtained the photocopy of the answer scripts and have
no issues with the photocopy alone are eligible for applying for revaluation.
2. Candidates who had issues on photocopy and solved now are requested to update
the status as “SOLVED” in the solver page provided in the examination menu of
the web portal.
3. The answer script is to be valued and justified by a faculty member of the college,
who handled the subject, and he/she should recommend for revaluation with the
breakup of marks for each question in the format provided in the “Instructions to
the Candidates” enclosed along with the photocopy of the Answer Script.
4. The candidates can register for revaluation of answer scripts only in the COE web
portal through the college. While applying for revaluation for the students on
roll, it is required to provide the Staff Code of the faculty member provided by
office of COE recommending revaluation. If the code of the staff member
recommending revaluation is not available, the profile of the staff member
may be uploaded first in the web portal of the office of COE and registration
may be done for revaluation. The Principals of the Colleges may arrange for the
registration of the courses through the COE Web portal.
5. The manual applications will not be accepted by the Office of the Controller of
6. After registration the applications have to be generated for each student and the
same may be sent to the office of the Controller of Examinations along with the
abstract generated for the college and the amount of money in the form of demand
draft drawn in favour of the Controller of Examinations, Anna University,
Chennai – 25.
7. The fee for revaluation is Rs.400/- per script. A student can register for a maximum
of 5 answer scripts for revaluation.

If the students are not satisfied even after revaluation. They can go for next option to challenge the university by paying 3000.

In case if they correct the university will refund the amount.


Know the Process how to Apply for revaluation.

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