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Software Architectures Question Bank IT6602 Regulation 2013 Anna University

Software Architectures Question Bank IT6602

Software Architectures Question Bank IT6602 Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. IT6602 Question Bank Regulation 2013 pdf free download.

Sample Software Architectures Question Bank:

1 Define Software Architecture.

2 Why is Software Architecture important?

3 Compare System Architecture and Software Architecture.

4Classify the Architectural Structures.

5 Show the diagrammatic representation of common Software Architectural Structures.

6 Interpret the uses of Decomposition.

7 List out Kruchten’s four views.

8 “Structures give different views but they are not Independent”. Justify.

9 What is Software Process?

10 List the activities involved in creating software architecture.

11 Give the role of stakeholders.

12 Classify the classes of influence that come from the developing organization.

13 “Architecture is high level design”-Justify

14 Which structure is used to eliminate deadlock and reduce bottlenecks? How?

15 What is architecture business cycle? List out the major parts.

16 Illustrate architectural pattern with suitable example.

17 Give the three broad types of decision that architecture design involves.

18 Describe the technical constraints for programming language.

19 Generalize the features of process recommendations.

20 Prepare a different definition of software architecture such that it abstracts information away from the system and yet provide enough information to be basis for analysis, decision making and risk reduction.

21 Distinguish between availability scenario and modifiability scenarios.

22 List the six parts of scenarios.

23 What is a quality attribute scenario?

24 What is functionality?

25 Infer the problems in system quality attributes.

26 What do you mean by interoperability?

27 Give the two concerns of modifiability scenario.

28 List the attributes related to portability.

29 Classify the usability scenario categories.

30 What does the response measures for testability deal with?

Subject Name Software Architectures
Subject code IT6602
Regulation 2013

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