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Software Architectures Notes IT6602 Regulation 2013 Anna University

Software Architectures Notes IT6602

Software Architectures Notes IT6602 Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. IT6602 Notes Regulation 2013 pdf free download.

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REFERENCES Software Architectures Notes:

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Architecture is high-level design. Other tasks associated
with design are not architectural, such as deciding on
important data structures that will be encapsulated.

Architecture is the overall structure of the system. The
different structures provide the critical engineering leverage
points to imbue a system with the quality attributes that will
render it a success or failure. The multiplicity of structures in an
architecture lies at the heart of the concept.

Architecture is the structure of the components of a
program or system, their interrelationships, and the
principles and guidelines governing their design and
evolution over time. Any system has an architecture that can
be discovered and analyzed independently of any knowledge
of the process by which the architecture was designed or

Subject Name Software Architectures
Subject code IT6602
Regulation 2013

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