PH8201 Notes r2017 notes

PH8201 Notes Physics For Civil Engineering Study materials

PH8201 Notes Physics For Civil Engineering Study materials

PH8201 Notes Physics For Civil Engineering Study materials for Anna University Regulation 2017

The notes are provided in this page for ph8201 notes of regulation 2017 Anna University to get download .

OUTCOMES of PH8201 Notes

Upon completion of this course,

  • To have knowledge on the thermal performance of buildings.
  • The students will acquire knowledge on the acoustic properties of buildings.
  • students will get knowledge on various lighting designs for buildings.
  • To gain knowledge on the properties and performance of engineering materials.
  • The students will understand the hazards of buildings.


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Subject Name Physics For Civil Engineering
Subject Code PH8201
Regulation 2017
Semester 2

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2nd unit ACOUSTICS Click here to download

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5th UNIT HAZARDS Coming Soon

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