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Mobile Computing Question Bank IT6601 Regulation 2013 Anna University

Mobile Computing Question Bank IT6601

Mobile Computing Question Bank IT6601 Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. IT6601 Question Bank pdf free download Reg 2013.

Sample Mobile Computing Question Bank:

Unit 1 – Part A

1. Define mobile computing.

2. Write a short note on mobile networking.

3. List any two mobile computing applications.

4. Give two characteristics of mobile computing.

5. Comment on MAC protocol.

6. Write a short note on fixed assignment schemes.

7. What is virtual home environment?

8. What are the three tier setups in mobile computing?

9. Mention three applications of mobile computing.

Unit 1 – Part B

1. Explain the structure of mobile computing.

2. Explain the MAC protocols in detail.

3. Define mobile computing. Explain its characteristics and applications.

4. Explain fixed assignment schemes and random assignment schemes.

5. Write short notes on, i) mobile computing environment and ii) MAC protocols.

Unit 2 – Part A

1. Define mobile IP.

2. What are the goals of mobile IP?

3. Define node, home agent, and home address in mobile IP.

4. Mention the basic capabilities of mobile IP.

5. Write a note on tunneling in mobile IP.

6. What is TCP?

7. Define any two types of TCP.

8. What is DHCP?

9. What are the advantages of TCP/IP?

10. List any two improvements of TCP/IP.

Unit 2 – Part B

1. Explain mobile IP in detail.

2. Define mobile IP. Explain the routing mechanism in detail.

3. What is TCP? Explain the architecture of TCP/IP with a schematic diagram.

4. Write short notes on i) mobile IP, ii) snooping TCP, iii) overview of TCP/IP.

5. Explain the registration, discovery, tunneling and encapsulation in mobile IP in detail.

Subject Name Mobile Computing
Subject code IT6601
Regulation 2013

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