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Mobile Computing Important questions IT6601 Regulation 2013 Anna University

Mobile Computing Important questions IT6601

Mobile Computing Important questions IT6601 Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. IT6601 Important questions pdf free download Reg 2013.

Sample Mobile Computing Important questions:

1. Define Mobile Computing.

Mobile Computing also called as Ubiquitous Computing or Nomadic Computing is described as the ability to compute remotely while on the move. It makes possible for people to access information from anywhere and at any time. Mobile Computing = Mobility + Computing

2. What do you mean by the terms Mobility and Computing?

Mobility: Provides the capability to change location while communicating to invoke computing services at some remote computers. Computing: Capability to automatically carry out certain processing related to services
invocation on a remote computer.

3. Name the type of Mobility.

a) User Mobility
b) Device Portability

4. List out the advantages of Mobile Computing. May/June 2016

(i) Location Flexibility
(ii) User Mobility
(iii) Device Portability
(iv) Saves Time
(v) Enhanced Productivity
(vi) Entertainment

5. Mention the disadvantages of Mobile Computing.

(i) Expensive
(ii) Power Consumption
(iii) Small Screen Display
(iv) Slow Internet Speed
(v) Risky to carry
(vi) Security Concerns
(vii) Communication depends upon network

6. What are the classifications of Wireless Networks?

i) Extension of Wired Networks: Uses fixed infrastructures such as base stations to provide single hop wireless communication (or) two-hop wireless communication. a. Example: WLAN, Bluetooth
ii) Adhoc Networks: It does not use any fixed infrastructure and it is based on multi-hop wireless communication. Example: MANET, VANET.

7. What are the applications of mobile computing?

 Emergency services
 Stock Broker
 Vehicles
 For Estate Agents
 In courts
 In companies
 Stock Information Collection/Control
 Credit Card Verification
 Taxi/Truck Dispatch
 Electronic Mail/Paging

8. List out the characteristics of Mobile Computing.

(i) Ubiquity
(ii) Location Awareness
(v) Personalization

Subject Name Mobile Computing
Subject code IT6601
Regulation 2013

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