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ME6601 Notes Design of Transmission Systems Regulation 2013 Anna University

ME6601 Notes Design of Transmission Systems

ME6601 Notes Design of Transmission Systems Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. Design of Transmission Systems Notes free pdf download.


To gain knowledge on the principles and procedure for the design of Mechanical power Transmission components.

Understand the standard procedure available for Design of Transmission of Mechanical

To learn to use standard data and catalogues (Use of P S G Design Data Book permitted)

OUTCOMES ME6601 Notes:

• Upon completion of this course, the students can able to successfully design transmission
components used in Engine and machines

TEXT BOOKS ME6601 Notes:

1. Bhandari V, “Design of Machine Elements”, 3rd Edition, Tata McGraw-Hill Book Co, 2010.

2. Joseph Shigley, Charles Mischke, Richard Budynas and Keith Nisbett “Mechanical
Engineering Design”, 8th Edition, Tata McGraw-Hill, 2008.


1. Sundararajamoorthy T. V, Shanmugam .N, “Machine Design”, Anuradha Publications, Chennai, 2003.

2. Gitin Maitra, L. Prasad “Hand book of Mechanical Design”, 2nd Edition, Tata McGraw-Hill, 2001.

3. Prabhu. T.J., “Design of Transmission Elements”, Mani Offset, Chennai, 2000.

4. C.S.Sharma, Kamlesh Purohit, “Design of Machine Elements”, Prentice Hall of India, Pvt. Ltd., 2003.

5. Bernard Hamrock, Steven Schmid, Bo Jacobson, “Fundamentals of Machine Elements”, 2nd Edition, Tata McGraw-Hill Book Co., 2006.

6. Robert C. Juvinall and Kurt M. Marshek, “Fundamentals of Machine Design”, 4th Edition, Wiley, 2005

7. Alfred Hall, Halowenko, A and Laughlin, H., “Machine Design”, Tata McGraw-Hill BookCo.(Schaum’s Outline), 2010

8. Orthwein W, “Machine Component Design”, Jaico Publishing Co, 2003.

9. Ansel Ugural, “Mechanical Design – An Integral Approach”, 1st Edition, Tata McGraw-Hill Book Co, 2003.

10. Merhyle F. Spotts, Terry E. Shoup and Lee E. Hornberger, “Design of Machine Elements” 8th Edition, Printice Hall, 2003.

11. U.C.Jindal : Machine Design, “Design of Transmission System”, Dorling Kindersley, 2010.

Subject Name Design of Transmission Systems
Subject Code ME6601
Regulation 2013
File PDF

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ME6601 Notes

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