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ME6403 Important Questions Engineering Materials and Metallurgy regulation 2013 Anna University

ME6403 Important Questions Engineering Materials and Metallurgy

ME6403 Important Questions Engineering Materials and Metallurgy regulation 2013 Anna University

Sample ME6403 Important Questions:

1. What is Materials Science?

Materials Science is an interdisciplinary subject which is concerned with the study of materials as a whole like behavior of the material, production of the material, applications and study of all properties of the material along with its macro and micro-structures.

2. How do you select a material for the transformer windings?

Oxygen free high conductivity copper is the best material for transformer windings since it has low joule heat losses, high corrosion resistance, high conductivity, high ductility to draw into thin wires and high strength.

3. Mention the required properties of bearing materials.

  • It should have high conductivity.
  • It should have high strength and high impact strength.
  • It should have high fatigue resistance.
  • It should withstand the load without any deformation of friction.

4. What are the required properties of the materials for making thermocouples?

1) The thermocouple material should have larger thermoelectric effect (i.e., produce more voltage or more cooling effect per unit rise of temperature.)
2) It should have high melting point.
Example: Lead telluride semiconductor (where lead is then type and tellurium is The p type semiconductor with 61.9% pb+ 38.1% Te). It has more thermoelectric generators to produce more electric power and thermoelectric refrigerators to produce more cooling effects.

5. What are metallic glasses?

Metallic glasses have the properties of metals and glasses such that they have ductility,malleability and brittleness. Ferromagnetic metallic glasses are in the form of ribbons and are used as light weight magnetic cores having no losses and high energy products.

Subject Name Engineering Materials and Metallurgy
Subject Code ME6403
Regulation 2013
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