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MA6452 notes Statistics and Numerical Methods regulation 2013 Anna University

MA6452 notes Statistics and Numerical Methods

MA6452 notes Statistics and Numerical Methods regulation 2013 Anna University

OBJECTIVES MA6452 notes:

This course aims at providing the necessary basic concepts of a few statistical and numerical methods and give procedures for solving numerically different kinds of problems occurring in engineering and technology.


It helps the students to have a clear perception of the power of statistical and numerical techniques, ideas and would be able to demonstrate the applications of these techniques to problems drawn from industry, management and other engineering fields.

TEXT BOOKS MA6452 notes

1. Johnson. R.A., and Gupta. C.B., “Miller and Freund’s Probability and Statistics for Engineers”, 11th Edition, Pearson Education, , Asia, 2011.
2. Grewal. B.S., and Grewal. J.S., “Numerical Methods in Engineering and Science”, 9th Edition, Khanna Publishers, New Delhi, 2007. 41


1. Walpole. R.E., Myers. R.H., Myers. S.L., and Ye. K., “Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists”, 8th Edition, Pearson Education, Asia, 2007.
2. Spiegel. M.R., Schiller. J., and Srinivasan. R.A., “Schaum’s Outlines on Probability and Statistics”, Tata McGraw Hill Edition, 2004.
3. Chapra. S.C., and Canale. R.P, “Numerical Methods for Engineers”, 5th Edition, Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi, 2007.
4. Gerald. C.F., and Wheatley. P.O. “Applied Numerical Analysis” Pearson Education, Asia, New Delhi, 2006.

Subject Name Statistics and Numerical Methods
Subject Code MA6452
Regulation 2013
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