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IT6701 Question Bank Information Management Regulation 2013 Anna University

IT6701 Question Bank Information Management

IT6701 Question Bank Information Management Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. Information Management IT6701 Question Bank pdf free download.

Sample IT6701 Question Bank Information Management

1.Explain in detail about E-R modeling and design with suitable illustrations wherever necessay.(13)
2.Design E_R diagram for Library management and university management system support with
necessary explanation. (13)
3.What are business Rules ?Ellaborate with suitable illustrations. (13) IT6701 Question Bank Information Management
4.Explain with an example about JDBC. (13)
5.What are stored procedures? Explain with examples. (13)
6.(i) What is big data? What are the characteristics of big data(8)
(ii)Explain with diagram about hadoop system.(8)
7.Expalin the working of HDFS with necessary diagrams.(13)
8.Explain about the components, operation and working of Map Reduce in Hadoop .(13)
9.Write an application code to illustrate word count using Map Reduce technique.
10.(i)Explain the working of YARN component in hadoop.(8)
(ii) Exlain the working of HIVE in Hadoop.(8

1.Why is necessary to have secure program? List and explain various non-malicious code errors.(13)
2.Explain in detail about malicious code and the control measures against them. (13) IT6701 Question Bank Information Management
3.What is virus? explain the types of virus .Mention how virus spreads and attaches itself. (13)
4. What are the various goals in protecting operating system objects ?Explain access control list and
matrix. (13)
5.What are the various memory ,files and object protection mechanisms.(13)
5.What makes network vulnerable ?list and Explain various network security attacks. (13) IT6701 Question Bank Information Management
6.What are firewalls? What are its limitations and capabilities also in detail explain its types. (13)
7.What is an IDS discuss in detail its working and types. Also briefly discuss about snort IDS.(13)
8.Eloborate in detail data privacy principles, laws and compliance.(13)

Subject Name Information Management
Subject Code IT6701
Regulation 2013
File PDF

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