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IT6701 Important Questions Information Management Regulation 2013 Anna University

IT6701 Important Questions Information Management

IT6701 Important Questions Information Management Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. Information Management IT6701 Important Questions pdf free download.

Sample IT6701 Important Questions Information Management

1 Tell about the JDBC in detail. Remembering BTL1
2 Explain the following SELECT statement syntax with
examples in HiveQL.
i) Computing with Columns (4)
ii) WHERE Clauses (4)
iii) GROUP BY Clauses(4)
iv) HAVING Clauses (4)
Remembering BTL1
3 List the various data models in database design(16) Remembering BTL1
4 i) Define NoSQL and is it the next big trend in
ii) Tabulate SQL vs NoSQL(8)
Remembering BTL1
5 i) Explain Data organization in HDFS(8)
ii) Briefly explain limitations and Restrictions in Stored
Understanding BTL2
6 Describe the following
i) OLE DB Source (8)
ii) OLE DB Destination (8)
Understanding BTL2
7 Discuss MapR converged data platform(16) Understanding BTL2
8 Illustrate SSIS Connections(16) Applying BTL3
9 i) Demonstrate Hadoop HDFS Architecture in detail(8)
ii) Explain the assumption and goals in Hadoop(8)
Applying BTL3
10 Analyse various databases used in NoSQL.(16) Analysing BTL4
11 Briefly explain the following in NoSQL
i) Multiple Queries (4)
ii) Caching (4)
iii) Nesting Data (4)
iv) ACID and JOIN Support (4)
Analysing BTL4 IT6701 Important Questions Information Management
12 Explain the following in MapReduce
i) Enterprise Storage (6)
ii) Database (6)
iii) Event streaming (4)

1 Tell in detail about
i) Incomplete Mediation (10)
ii) TOCTTOU errors (6)
Remembering BTL1
2 Explain the following IT6701 Important Questions Information Management
i) Software firewalls (8)
ii) Hardware firewalls (8)
Remembering BTL1
3 i) List the kinds of Malicious code (8)
ii) Prevention of virus infection (8)
Remembering BTL1 IT6701 Important Questions Information Management
4 Briefly describe the following in Developmental Controls
i) Peer Reviews (6)
ii) Hazard Analysis (4)
iii) Testing (6)

Subject Name Information Management
Subject Code IT6701
Regulation 2013
File PDF

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