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HS6151 TECHNICAL ENGLISH 1 Syllabus Anna University 2013 regulation

HS6151 Syllabus TECHNICAL ENGLISH – I  Anna University 2013 regulation

HS6151 Syllabus TECHNICAL ENGLISH – I Anna University 2013 regulation.

This syllabus is for HS6151 TECHNICAL ENGLISH – I is placed in semester one. The out come of is subject hs6151 syllabus is given below:

Learners should be able to

  • speak clearly, confidently, comprehensibly, and communicate with one or many listeners using appropriate communicative strategies.
  • write cohesively and coherently and flawlessly avoiding grammatical errors, using a wide vocabulary range, organizing their ideas logically on a topic.
  • read different genres of texts adopting various reading strategies.
  • listen/view and comprehend different spoken discourses/excerpts in different accents.


1. Department of English, Anna University. Mindscapes: English for Technologists and Engineers.
Orient Blackswan, Chennai. 2012
2. Dhanavel, S.P. English and Communication Skills for Students of Science and Engineering.
Orient Blackswan, Chennai. 2011


1. Raman, Meenakshi & Sangeetha Sharma. Technical Communication: Principles and Practice. Oxford University Press, New Delhi. 2011
2. Regional Institute of English. English for Engineers. Cambridge University Press, New Delhi. 2006
3. Rizvi, Ashraf. M. Effective Technical Communication. Tata McGraw-Hill, New Delhi. 2005
4. Rutherford, Andrea. J Basic Communication Skills for Technology. Pearson, New Delhi. 2001
5. Viswamohan, Aysha. English for Technical Communication. Tata McGraw-Hill, New Delhi. 2008

Semester 1
Subject TECHNICAL ENGLISH – I Anna University
Subject Code HS6151
File type pdf
HS6151 Syllabus TECHNICAL ENGLISH – I Anna University Click Here to Download the file

Notes for HS6151 Communicative English Anna University – Click Here

EXTENSIVE Reading (Not for Examination)

1. Kalam, Abdul. Wings of Fire. Universities Press, Hyderabad. 1999.




  • Lectures
  • Activities conducted individually, in pairs and in groups like self introduction, peer introduction, group poster making, grammar and vocabulary games, etc.

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HS6151 Syllabus TECHNICAL ENGLISH – I Anna University.

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