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EE8251 Circuit Theory Important questions Regulation 2017 Anna University

EE8251 Circuit Theory Important Questions

EE8251 Circuit Theory Important questions Regulation 2017 Anna University free download. Circuit Theory CT EE8251 Important questions pdf free download.

Sample EE8251 Circuit Theory Important questions: 

Define Ohm’s Law .
2. State Kirchhoff’s Laws.
3. The resistance of 1.5Ω and 3.5Ω are connected in parallel and this parallel combination is connected in series with a resistance of1.95 EE8251 Circuit Theory Important questions
Ω. Calculate the equivalent resistance value.
4. Summarize the classifications of Circuit elements.
5. Find ‘R’ in the circuit shown below.

(i) Derive and list the expressions for resistors in series and
parallel. (6 marks) EE8251 Circuit Theory Important questions
(ii) Two 50 ohms resistors are connected in series .When a resistor R is connected across one of them, the total circuit resistance is 60 ohms. Calculate the value of R. If the supply voltage across the above circuit is 60V, find the current passing through individual resistance. EE8251 Circuit Theory Important questions

Calculate the equivalent current source for a voltage source of 10V in series with a 60ohm resistance.
3. Illustrate the equivalent voltage source for a current source of 15A when connected in parallel with 5 ohm resistance EE8251 CT Important questions
4. Given that the resistors Ra, Rb and Rc are connected electrically in star. Formulate the equations for resistors in equivalent delta
5. Three resistors Rab, Rbc and Rca are connected in delta. Re-write the expression for resistors in equivalent star EE8251 CT Important questions
6. How will you express the Norton’s equivalent circuit from Thevenin’s equivalent circuit?
7. Let a network has Thevenin’s equivalent circuit with source of 5Vrmsand impedance of 50-j30Ω.Find the optimum value of load to derive maximum power from the network.

Subject name Circuit Theory
Subject Code EE8251
Regulation 2017 Regulation

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