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EE6701 High Voltage Engineering Notes Regulation 2013 Anna University

EE6701 High Voltage Engineering Notes

EE6701 High Voltage Engineering Notes Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. EE6701 Notes High Voltage Engineering free pdf download.

OUTCOMES: EE6701 High Voltage Engineering Notes

Ability to understand and analyze power system operation, stability, control and protection.

TEXT BOOKS: EE6701 High Voltage Engineering Notes

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REFERENCES: EE6701 Notes High Voltage Engineering

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The different situations under which switching over voltages happens are
 Interruption of low inductive currents (current chopping) by high speed
circuit breakers. This occurs when the transformers or reactors are
switched off.
 Interruption of small capacitive currents, such as switching off of unloaded lines
 Ferro-resonance condition This may occur when poles of a circuit breaker do not close simultaneously
 Energization of long EHV or UHV lines.
 single pole closing 6f circuit breaker (EE6701 High Voltage Engineering Notes)
 interruption of fault current when the L-G or L-L fault is cleared
 resistance switching used in circuit breakers
 switching lines terminated by transformers
 series capacitor compensated lines
 sparking of the surge diverter located at the receiving end of the line to
limit the lightning over voltages. (EE6701 High Voltage Engineering Notes)
The different situations under which power frequency over voltages happens are
 sudden loss of loads,
 disconnection of inductive loads or connection of capacitive loads,
 Ferranti effect, unsymmetrical faults, and
 saturation in transformers. (EE6701 High Voltage Engineering Notes)

Subject Name High Voltage Engineering
Subject Code EE6701
Regulation 2013

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