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EE6604 Notes Design of Electrical Machines Regulation 2013 Anna University

EE6604 Notes Design of Electrical Machines

EE6604 Notes Design of Electrical Machines Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. Design of Electrical Machines Notes free pdf download.


To study mmf calculation and thermal rating of various types of electrical machines.

Design armature and field systems for D.C. machines.

To design core, yoke, windings and cooling systems of transformers.

Design stator and rotor of induction machines.

To design stator and rotor of synchronous machines and study their thermal behaviour.

OUTCOMES EE6604 Notes:

Ability to model and analyze electrical apparatus and their application to power system.

TEXT BOOKS EE6604 Notes:

1. Sawhney, A.K., ‘A Course in Electrical Machine Design’, Dhanpat Rai & Sons, New Delhi, 1984.

2. M.V.Deshpande “Design and Testing of Electrical Machine Design” Wheeler Publications, 2010.


1. A.Shanmuga Sundaram, G.Gangadharan, R.Palani ‘Electrical Machine Design Data Book’, New Age International Pvt. Ltd., Reprint, 2007.

2. R.K.Agarwal “ Principles of Electrical Machine Design” Esskay Publications, Delhi, 2002.

3. Sen, S.K., ‘Principles of Electrical Machine Designs with Computer Programmes’, Oxford and IBH Publishing Co. Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, 1987.

Major considerations in Electrical Machine Design:

The basic components of all electromagnetic apparatus are the field and armature windings supported by dielectric or insulation, cooling system and mechanical parts. Therefore, the factors for consideration in the design are,

Magnetic circuit or the flux path:

Should establish required amount of flux using minimum MMF. The core losses should be less.

Electric circuit or windings:

Should ensure required EMF is induced with no complexity in winding arrangement. The copper losses should be less.


Should ensure trouble free separation of machine parts operating at different potential and confine the current in the prescribed paths.

Cooling system or ventilation:

Should ensure that the machine operates at the specified temperature.

Subject Name Design of Electrical Machines
Subject Code EE6604
Regulation 2013

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