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EE6604 Important questions Design of Electrical Machines Regulation 2013 Anna University

EE6604 Important questions Design of Electrical Machines

EE6604 Important questions Design of Electrical Machines Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. Design of Electrical Machines Important questions free pdf download.

Sample EE6604 Important questions:

1. What are the types of electrical engineering materials?

Basically there are three types of materials used in electrical machines.
 Magnetic materials
 Conducting materials
 Insulating materials

2. What is meant by critical magnetic field?

If the temperature of a material is raised above its critical temperature its superconductivity
disappears. The field at which superconductivity vanishes is called critical magnetic field.

3. What is askarel?

An askarel is a synthetic non flammable insulating liquid. The commonest askarel is hexa choloro diphynyl tricholoro benzene.

4. Name the magnetic materials used for Yoke, Transformer Stampings and permanent magnet.

Yoke of a dc machine, transformer stamping, permanent magnet
Yoke of a dc machine – cast steel
Transformer stamping – silicon steel
Permanent magnet – hard magnetic material (Al, Ni, Co)

5. Comment on the use of CRGOS strip wound transformer core.

CRGOS means cold rolled grain oriented steel. This steel is manufactured by series of cold
reductions and intermediate annealings. This could reduce the material has strong directional of
highest permeability which results less hysteresis loss. This type of material is suitable for use in

6. What is meant by heating?

The temperature of a machine rises when it runs under load condition starting from cold condition.
The temperature raises is directly proportional to the power wasted. The heat dissipation may be due to conduction, convection or radiation.

7. What is meant by cooling?

The cooling medium like air, water or gas is provided to absorb the heat energy to save the machine. The cooling medium is also called coo lent. The cooling is of two types like, direct and indirect cooling.

Subject Name Design of Electrical Machines
Subject Code EE6604
Regulation 2013

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