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EE6601 Important questions Solid State Drives Regulation 2013 Anna University

EE6601 Important questions Solid State Drives

EE6601 Important questions Solid State Drives Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. Solid State Drives Important questions free pdf download.

Sample EE6601 Important questions:

1. State essential parts of electrical drive. What are the functions of power modulator?

2. Drive the equations governing motor load dynamics.

3. What are the main factors which decide the choice of electrical drive for a given application?

4. A motor of small rating can be selected for a short time duty why?

5. A constant speed drive has the following duty cycle
a. Load rising from 0 to 400 KW – 5 min.
b. Uniform load of 500 KW – 5 min.
c. Remaining idle for 2 min.
Estimate power rating of the motor. Assume losses to be proportionate to (power)2.

6. Drive the mathematical condition for steady state stability of equilibrium point.

7. Explain in detail the multi quadrant dynamics in the speed – torque plane.

8. A motor drives two loads one has rotational motion. It is couple to the motor through a reduction gear with a=0.1 and efficiency of 90%. The load has a moment of inertia of 10 Kg – m2and a torque of 10 Nm. The other load has translational motion and consist of 1000 kg weight to be lifted up at a uniform speed of 1.5m/s. coupling between this load and the motor has an efficiency of 85%. Motor has an inertia of 0.2 Kg – m2 and runs at constant speed of 1420 rpm. Determine the equivalent inertia referred to the motor shaft and power delivered by the motor.

Subject Name Solid State Drives
Subject Code EE6601
Regulation 2013

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