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EE6404 Important Questions Measurements and Instrumentation Regulation 2013 Anna University

EE6404 Important Questions Measurements and Instrumentation

EE6404 Important Questions Measurements and Instrumentation Regulation 2013 Anna University free download pdf.

Sample EE6404 Important Questions:

1. What is meant by measurement?
Measurement means an act or the result of comparison between the quantity and a predefined standard.

2. Mention the basic requirements of measurement.
The basic requirements of measurement are
i. The standard used for comparison purpose must be accurately defined and should be commonly accepted.
ii. The apparatus used and the method adopted must be provable.

3. State the two methods for measurement.
The two methods of measurement are
i. Direct method and

ii. Indirect method.

4. State the function of measurement system.

The measurement system consists of a transducing element which converts the quantity to be measured in an analogous form the analogous signal is then processed by some intermediate means and is then fed to the end device which presents the results of the measurement.

5. List the three types of instruments.
The three types of instruments are:

i. Mechanical Instruments

ii. Electrical Instruments and

iii. Electronic Instruments.

6. Classify the instrument based on their functions.
Instruments are classified into three types based on their functions. They are
i. Indicating instruments

ii. Integrating instruments

iii. Recording instruments

8. Why calibration of instrument is important?

The calibration of all instruments is important since it affords the opportunity to check the instrument against a known standard and subsequently to errors in accuracy.

9. List the calibration procedure.

Calibration procedure involves a comparison of the particular instrument with either. A primary standard A secondary standard with a higher accuracy than the instrument to be calibrated or An instrument of known accuracy.

10. Define: Calibration

Calibration is defined as the process by which comparing the instrument with a standard to correct the accuracy.

Subject Name Measurements and Instrumentation
Subject Code EE6404
Regulation 2013

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