UG syllabus R 2013

EE6404 Syllabus Measurements and Instrumentation Regulation 2013 Anna University

EE6404 Syllabus Measurements and Instrumentation

EE6404 Syllabus Measurements and Instrumentation Regulation 2013 Anna University free download pdf.


Functional elements of an instrument – Static and dynamic characteristics – Errors in measurement – Statistical evaluation of measurement data – Standards and calibration.

UNIT II ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS INSTRUMENTS Measurements and Instrumentation Syllabus

Principle and types of analog and digital voltmeters, ammeters, multimeters – Single and three phase wattmeters and energy meters – Magnetic measurements – Determination of BH curve and measurements of iron loss – Instrument transformers – Instruments for
measurement of frequency and phase.


D.C & A.C potentiometers, D.C & A.C bridges, transformer ratio bridges, self-balancing bridges. Interference & screening – Multiple earth and earth loops – Electrostatic and electromagnetic interference – Grounding techniques.

UNIT IV STORAGE AND DISPLAY DEVICES Measurements and Instrumentation Syllabus

Magnetic disk and tape – Recorders, digital plotters and printers, CRT display, digital CRO, LED, LCD & dot matrix display – Data Loggers.

UNIT V TRANSDUCERS AND DATA ACQUISITION SYSTEMS Measurements and Instrumentation Syllabus

Classification of transducers – Selection of transducers – Resistive, capacitive & inductive transducers – Piezoelectric, Hall effect, optical and digital transducers – Elements of data acquisition system – A/D, D/A converters – Smart sensors.

Subject Name Measurements and Instrumentation
Subject Code EE6404
Regulation 2013

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