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EE6302 Electromagnetic Theory Question Bank Regulation 2013 Anna University

EE6302 Electromagnetic Theory Question Bank

EE6302 Electromagnetic Theory Question Bank Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. EE6302 Question Bank Electromagnetic Theory pdf free download.

Sample EE6302 Electromagnetic Theory Question Bank:

1. How are unit vector defined in cylindrical coordinate systems?

2. State Stoke’s theorem.

3. Mention the sources of electromagnetic fields.

4. State the physical significance of curl of a vector field.

5. Two vectorial quantities and are known to be oriented in two unique directions. Determine the angular separation between them.

6. State the conditions for a vector A to be (a) solenoidal (b) irrotational

7. State divergence theorem. (EE6302 Electromagnetic Theory Question Bank)

8. State the vector form of electric flux density.

9. Define divergence and its physical meaning.

10. What are the different coordinate systems.

11. Mention the criteria for choosing an appropriate coordinate system for solving a field problem easily. Explain with an example.

12. When a vector field is solenoidal and irrotational. (EE6302 Electromagnetic Theory Question Bank)

13. Give the practical examples of diverging and curl field.

14. Obtain the unit vector in the direction from the origin towards the point P(3,-3,-2).

15. Verify that the vectors and are parallel to each other. (EE6302 Electromagnetic Theory Question Bank)

16. Given that and ; find ‘t’ such that angle between and is 45

17. Prove that curl grad φ =0. (EE6302 Electromagnetic Theory Question Bank)

18. How can a vector field be expressed as the gradient of scalar field?

19. Determine the curl of .

20. Given that and ; find the projection of A and B.


1. Write short notes on the following: (a) Gradient (b) Divergence (c)Curl (d) Stoke

2. Express the vector B in Cartesian and cylindrical systems. Given,
Then find B at (-3, 4, 0) and (5, π/2 , -2)

3. i) Describe the classification of vector fields.
ii) and a point Q is located at (-2 , 6,3), express (a) the point Q in cylindrical and spherical coordinates,(b) B in spherical coordinates.

4. Determine the divergence and curl of the following vector fields: (EE6302 Electromagnetic Theory Question Bank)

5. i)Given point P( -2,6,3) and ,express P and in cylindrical
ii) state and prove divergence theorem.


Subject Name Electromagnetic Theory
Subject code EE6302
Regulation 2013

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