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EE6302 Electromagnetic Theory Notes Regulation 2013 Anna University

EE6302 Electromagnetic Theory Notes

EE6302 Electromagnetic Theory Notes Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. EE6302 Notes Electromagnetic Theory pdf free download.

OBJECTIVES EE6302 Electromagnetic Theory Notes:

To introduce the basic mathematical concepts related to electromagnetic vector fields

To impart knowledge on the concepts of electrostatics, electrical potential, energy density and their applications.

To impart knowledge on the concepts of magnetostatics, magnetic flux density, scalar and vector potential and its applications.

To impart knowledge on the concepts of Faraday’s law, induced emf and Maxwell’s equations

To impart knowledge on the concepts of Concepts of electromagnetic waves and Pointing vector.

OUTCOMES EE6302 Electromagnetic Theory Notes:

Ability to understand and apply basic science, circuit theory, Electro-magnetic field theory control theory and apply them to electrical engineering problems.

TEXT BOOKS EE6302 Electromagnetic Theory Notes:

1. Mathew N. O. Sadiku, ‘Principles of Electromagnetics’, 4 th Edition ,Oxford University Press Inc. First India edition, 2009.

2. Ashutosh Pramanik, ‘Electromagnetism – Theory and Applications’, PHI Learning Private Limited, New Delhi, Second Edition-2009.

3. K.A. Gangadhar, P.M. Ramanthan ‘ Electromagnetic Field Theory (including Antennaes and wave propagation’, 16th Edition, Khanna Publications, 2007.

REFERENCES EE6302 Electromagnetic Theory Notes:

1. Joseph. A.Edminister, ‘Schaum’s Outline of Electromagnetics, Third Edition (Schaum’s Outline Series), Tata McGraw Hill, 2010

2. William H. Hayt and John A. Buck, ‘Engineering Electromagnetics’, Tata McGraw Hill 8th Revised edition, 2011.

3. Kraus and Fleish, ‘Electromagnetics with Applications’, McGraw Hill International Editions, Fifth Edition, 2010.

4. Bhag Singh Guru and Huseyin R. Hiziroglu “Electromagnetic field theory Fundamentals”, Cambridge University Press; Second Revised Edition, 2009.

EE6302 Electromagnetic Theory Notes

Electromagnetic theory is a discipline concerned with the study of charges at rest and in motion. Electromagnetic principles are fundamental to the study of electrical engineering and physics. Electromagnetic theory is also indispensable to the understanding, analysis and design of various electrical, electromechanical and electronic systems. Some of the branches of study where electromagnetic principles find application are: RF communication, Microwave Engineering, Antennas, Electrical Machines, Satellite Communication, Atomic and nuclear research ,Radar Technology, Remote sensing, EMI EMC, Quantum Electronics, VLSI , Electromagnetic theory is a prerequisite for a wide spectrum of studies in the field of Electrical Sciences and Physics.

Subject Name Electromagnetic Theory
Subject code EE6302
Regulation 2013

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