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EC8451 Notes Electromagnetic Fields Regulation 2017 Anna University

EC8451 Notes Electromagnetic Fields

EC8451 Notes Electromagnetic Fields Regulation 2017 Anna University free download. Electromagnetic Fields Notes EC8451 pdf free download.

OBJECTIVES: EC8451 Notes Electromagnetic Fields

 To gain conceptual and basic mathematical understanding of electric and magnetic fields in free space and in materials
 To understand the coupling between electric and magnetic fields through Faraday’s law, displacement current and Maxwell’s equations
 To understand wave propagation in lossless and in lossy media
 To be able to solve problems based on the above concepts

OUTCOMES: EC8451 Notes Electromagnetic Fields

By the end of this course, the student should be able to:
 Display an understanding of fundamental electromagnetic laws and concepts
 Write Maxwell’s equations in integral, differential and phasor forms and explain their physical meaning  Explain electromagnetic wave propagation in lossy and in lossless media
 Solve simple problems requiring estimation of electric and magnetic field quantities based on these concepts and laws

TEXT BOOKS: EC8451 Notes Electromagnetic Fields

1. D.K. Cheng, Field and wave electromagnetics, 2nd ed., Pearson (India), 1989 (UNIT I, II,III IV,V)
2. W.H. Hayt and J.A. Buck, Engineering electrmagnetics, 7th ed., McGraw-Hill (India), 2006 (UNIT I-V)


1. D.J. Griffiths, Introduction to electrodynamics, 4th ed., Pearson (India), 2013
2. B.M. Notaros, Electromagnetics, Pearson: New Jersey, 2011
3. M.N.O. Sadiku and S.V. Kulkarni, Principles of electromagnetics, 6th ed., Oxford (Asian Edition), 2015

Subject name Electromagnetic Fields
Semester 4
Subject Code EC8451
Regulation 2017 regulation

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