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EC8451 Important questions Electromagnetic Fields Regulation 2017 Anna University

EC8451 Important questions Electromagnetic Fields

EC8451 Important questions Electromagnetic Fields Regulation 2017 Anna University free download. Electromagnetic Fields Important questions EC8451 pdf free download.

Sample EC8451 Important questions Electromagnetic Fields

1. List the source quantities in the electromagnetic model.
2. Describe line, surface and volume charge density.
3. State divergence theorem.
4. Define Stokes theorem. EC8451 Important questions Electromagnetic Fields
5. Name the universal constants in the electromagnetic model.
6. What are surface and volume integrals?
7. Give the relationship between potential and electric field intensity.
8. Identify the unit vector and its magnitude corresponding to the given vector
A=5 âx + ây + 3 âz. EC8451 Important questions Electromagnetic Fields

9. Estimate the distance between the given vectors A (1, 2,3) and B (2,1,2).
10. Outline the relationship between magnetic flux density and field density.
11. Calculate the values of universal constants of free space. EC8451 Important questions Electromagnetic Fields
12. Analyze a differential volume element in spherical coordinates (r,θ,φ)
resulting from differential charges in the orthogonal coordinate systems.

13. Specify the unit vector extending from the origin towards the point G (2,-

14. Compare orthogonal and non-orthogonal coordinate systems.
15. Point out the role of vector algebra in electromagnetics. EC8451 Important questions Electromagnetic Fields

1. What is electromagnetics? Give the advantages and disadvantage of field
and circuit theory. (13)

2. Tabulate the various field, source and universal quantities of
electromagnetic model and explain.

(i)Write short notes on vector algebra. (5)
(ii) Given the two vectors A and B , How do you find
a) The component of A in the direction of B
b) The component of B in the direction of A (8)

4. Explain how an orthogonal co-ordinate system describes the position of the
point in free space. (13)

5. Summarize about the curl of a vector field in cylindrical and spherical

Subject name Electromagnetic Fields
Semester 4
Subject Code EC8451
Regulation 2017 regulation

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