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EC8395 Important Questions Communication Engineering Regulation 2017 Anna University

EC8395 Important Questions Communication Engineering

EC8395 Important Questions Communication Engineering Regulation 2017 Anna University free download. Communication Engineering Important Questions EC8395 pdf free download.

Sample EC8395 Important Questions Communication Engineering:

1 Define Modulation.

2 List out the reasons/need for using modulation.

3 Define amplitude Modulation.

4 Define Modulation index and percent modulation for an AM wave.

5 Draw the voltage spectrum of AM wave when one modulating signal is involved.

6 Define Single sideband suppressed carrier AM.

7 What are the advantages of DSB transmission?

8 Mention the use of Envelope Detector.

9 Compare AM and FM.

10 Let Vm(t)=sin(2????X2000t) be the information signal and Vc(t)=5sin(2????X10 6t) be the carrier signal. Calculate Modulation Index.

11 Define angle modulation.

12 Compare NBFM and WBFM. EC8395 Important Questions Communication Engineering

13 State Carson’s rule for Bandwidth of FM wave..

14 Define instantaneous frequency deviation.

15 Draw the spectrum of AM signal.

16 State Bessel’s formula. EC8395 Important Questions Communication Engineering

17 Define Deviation Ratio (DR)forAngle modulation.

18 Define percent modulation for FM.

19 In an amplitude modulation system, the carrier frequency is fc = 100 kHz. If the maximum frequency of the signal is 5 kHz, determine the lower and upper side bands and the bandwidth of AM signal. EC8395 Important Questions Communication Engineering

20 Define modulation index for FM and P M.

21Define angle modulation

22A 400W carrier is modulated to a depth of 80%. Calculate the total power in AM wave.

23Define VSB

24What is the bandwidth required for FM signal in which the modulating frequency is 2KHZ and maximum deviation is 10 KHZ.

25Define PSD for analog communication.

26Draw AM waves. EC8395 Important Questions Communication Engineering

27Define pulse modulation and list its types.

28Define sampling theorem.

29What is the need for sampling?

30Define Nyquist rate and Nyquist interval

31What is line coding?list the types. EC8395 Important Questions Communication Engineering

32List the type of PAM and its Uses

33Draw the NRZ and RZ code for digital data 10110001

34What is meant by aliasing

35What is meant by quantization and mention its types

36Mention the types of quantization

37Define companding

38Define vocoders

39List the types of vocoders

40What is delta modulation?

41State the principle of ADM.


Subject name Communication Engineering
Semester 3
Subject Code EC8395
Regulation 2017 regulation

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