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EC6651 question bank Communication Engineering Regulation 2013 Anna University

EC6651 question bank Communication Engineering

EC6651 question bank Communication Engineering Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. Communication Engineering question bank pdf free download.

Sample EC6651 question bank:

Unit II

1. Explain the operation of a QPSK receiver.

2. Explain the working of a delta modulation system.

3. Derive the expressions for quantization noise in PCM and DM systems.

4. Discuss the generation method of PWM. Explain how will you convert PWM to PPM with diagram.

5. Explain a pulse code modulation system with its block diagram.

6. Explain frequency shift keying method with equations.

7. Discuss the method of modulation and demodulation in MSK, with equations and block diagram.

8. Explain in detail about the FSK modulation and demodulation with block diagram.

9. Explain the operation of binary phase shift keying transmitter

10. Explain the working principle of ASK modulator and detector with neat diagram.

11. State the drawbacks of DM and suggest a method to oversome it.

12. Explain the QPSK modulation with its constellation diagram.

13. Briefly describe the comncept of QAM and draw the constellation diagram of 16-QAM.

14. Explain the generation and demodulation of PWM wave.

15. How does ADM differ from DM? Support your answer with block diagram and waveforms.

16. What is DPCM? Discuss its operation witn required diagrams.

17. Sate and prove sampling theorem.

18. Explain the concept of BPSK and QPSK techniques in data communication.

19. Explain the following quantizers: (a) Mid Tread Quantizer; (b) Mid Riser Quantizer

20. Explain the companding techniques (a) A-law companding ; (b) μ-law companding

21. Explain the transmitter and receiver blocks of GMSK modulation.

22. List out the advantages of digital modulation techniques.

Subject Name Communication Engineering
Subject Code EC6651
Regulation 2013

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