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EC6651 important questions Communication Engineering Regulation 2013 Anna University

EC6651 important questions Communication Engineering

EC6651 important questions Communication Engineering Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. Communication Engineering important questions pdf free download.

Sample EC6651 important questions:

Unit I

1. Explain the woking of a SSB transmitter and receiver.

2. Explain the direct and indirect method of generation of FM signal.

3. Explain a method of generating a DSB-SC signal using ring modulators.

4. Discuss the principle of AM based radio frequency receiver with block diagram

5. Draw and explain the block diagram of Armstrong system for generating FM signal.

6. Derive the equation for the spectrum of FM signal.

7. Explain the operation of super heterodyne receiver with block diagram.

8. Explain the modulation and demodulation process of AM wave.

9. Describe the operation of frequency division multiplexing.

10. Draw the block diagram of generation and demodulation of a VSB signal and explain the principle of operation.

11. With suitable sketch discuss about square law detector.

12. Derive the power relationship of amplitude modulated signal.

13. Explain the method of generation of an amplitude modulated signal and sketch the time domain waveform of message, carrier and modulated signals.

14. Describe the relationship between FM and PM.

15. Explain the demodulation of an AM wave using envelope detector.

16. Deduce an analytical expression for the frequency modulated wave.

17. Discuss any one method of generating the frequency modulate signals with the relevant sketch.

18. Compare wide band and narrow band FM system.

19. How does the phase shift method efficiently suppress the unwanted side band? Explain with diagram.

20. What are the advantages of SSB modulation techniques? Explain any one method of SSB generation.

21. Derive an expression for the narrowband FM wave.

22. Explain pre-emphasis and De-emphasis in FM transmission.

23. Compare AM and FM transmission schemes.

24. Compare FM and PM transmission schemes.

Subject Name Communication Engineering
Subject Code EC6651
Regulation 2013

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