UG syllabus R 2013

EC6501 Digital Communication Syllabus regulation 2013 Anna University

EC6501 Digital Communication Syllabus

EC6501 Digital Communication Syllabus regulation 2013 Anna University free download. Digital Communication EC6501 Syllabus pdf free download.

OBJECTIVES: EC6501 Digital Communication Syllabus

 To know the principles of sampling & quantization

 To study the various waveform coding schemes

 To learn the various baseband transmission schemes

 To understand the various Band pass signaling schemes

 To know the fundamentals of channel coding

UNIT I SAMPLING & QUANTIZATION EC6501 Digital Communication Syllabus

Low pass sampling – Aliasing- Signal Reconstruction-Quantization – Uniform & non-uniform quantization – quantization noise – Logarithmic Companding of speech signal- PCM – TDM

UNIT II WAVEFORM CODING EC6501 Digital Communication Syllabus

Prediction filtering and DPCM – Delta Modulation – ADPCM & ADM principles-Linear Predictive Coding

UNIT III BASEBAND TRANSMISSION EC6501 Syllabus Digital Communication 

Properties of Line codes- Power Spectral Density of Unipolar / Polar RZ & NRZ – Bipolar NRZ – Manchester- ISI – Nyquist criterion for distortionless transmission – Pulse shaping – Correlative coding – Mary schemes – Eye pattern – Equalization

UNIT IV DIGITAL MODULATION SCHEME EC6501 Digital Communication Syllabus

Geometric Representation of signals – Generation, detection, PSD & BER of Coherent BPSK, BFSK & QPSK – QAM – Carrier Synchronization – structure of Non-coherent Receivers – Principle of DPSK.

UNIT V ERROR CONTROL CODING EC6501 DC Digital Communication Syllabus

Channel coding theorem – Linear Block codes – Hamming codes – Cyclic codes – Convolutional codes – Vitterbi Decoder

OUTCOMES: EC6501 Syllabus Digital Communication

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to

 Design PCM systems

 Design and implement base band transmission schemes

 Design and implement band pass signaling schemes

 Analyze the spectral characteristics of band pass signaling schemes and their noise performance

 Design error control coding schemes

Subject Name Digital Communication
Subject Code EC6501
Regulation 2013

EC6501 Digital Communication Syllabus click here to download

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