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EC6501 Digital Communication Notes regulation 2013 Anna University

EC6501 Digital Communication Notes

EC6501 Digital Communication Notes regulation 2013 Anna University free download. Digital Communication EC6501 Notes pdf free download.

TEXT BOOK: EC6501 Digital Communication Notes

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Least-Mean-Square Algorithm: EC6501 Digital Communication Notes

 Adaptation may be achieved
– By observing the error b/w desired pulse shape and
actual pulse shape
– Using this error to estimate the direction in which the
tap-weight should be changed
 Mean-square error criterion
– More general in application
– Less sensitive to timing perturbations
 : desired response, : error signal, : actual response
 Mean-square error is defined by cost fuction

Adaptive Equalizer : EC6501 DC Digital Communication Notes

 The channel is usually time varying
– Difference in the transmission characteristics of the
individual links that may be switched together
– Differences in the number of links in a connection

Adaptive equalization EC6501 DC Digital Communication Notes

– Adjust itself by operating on the the input signal
 Training sequence
– Precall equalization
– Channel changes little during an average data call
 Prechannel equalization
– Require the feedback channel
 Postchannel equalization
 synchronous
– Tap spacing is the same as the symbol duration of
transmitted signal

Subject Name Digital Communication
Subject Code EC6501
Regulation 2013

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