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EC6405 Question Bank Control System Engineering Regulation 2013 Anna University

EC6405 Question Bank Control System Engineering

EC6405 Question Bank Control System Engineering Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. Control System Engineering Question Bank free download.

Sample EC6405 Question Bank:

1. What are transient and steady state response of control system?

2. What are the units of kp, kv, ka?

3. Define Transfer Function of the System.

4. What are the advantages of Closed loop System?

5. What are the Properties of Signal flow graphs?

6. Write Mason’s gain formula of Signal flow graph.

7. Name any two dynamic models to represent control system.

8. What is meant by block diagram of a control system? What are the basic components of block diagram?

9. List the basic elements used for modelling a mechanical rotational system.

10. What is feedback? What type of feedback is employed in Control system?

11. Why negative feedback is preferred in control system?

12. Write F-V Analogy for the elements of mechanical rotational system?

13. Write any two rules to be followed in block diagram reduction techniques.

14. Define non-touching loop.

15. What is Control System?

16. What is signal flow graph?

17. Name the two types of electrical analogous for mechanical


18. Write force balance equation of ideal spring, ideal mass.

19. Define open loop System and Closed loop System.

20. What is mathematical model of a system?

21. How a Control system is classified depending on the value of damping ratio?

22. List the advantages of generalized error coefficients.

23. Why derivative controller is not used in Control systems?

24. Give steady state errors to a various standard inputs for type 2 systems.

25. Determine the Damping ratio and natural frequency of oscillation.

26. What is meant by peak overshoot?

27. What is meant by steady state error?

28. Define rise time.

29. The damping ratio and natural frequency of a second order system are o.5 and 8 rad/sec respectively. Calculate resonant peak and resonant frequency.

Subject Name Control System Engineering
Subject Code EC6405
Regulation 2013

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