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EC6404 Question Bank Linear Integrated Circuits Regulation 2013 Anna University

EC6404 Question Bank Linear Integrated Circuits

EC6404 Question Bank Linear Integrated Circuits Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. Linear Integrated Circuits Question Bank free download.

Sample EC6404 Question Bank:

1) List the basic building blocks of PLL.

2) Define lock-in range & capture range of a PLL.

3) Define Pull-in time.

4) For perfect lock, what should be the phase relation between the incoming signal and VCO output signal?

5) Give the classification of phase detector. What is a switch type phase detector?

6) What are the problems associated with switch type phase detector?

7) What is a voltage controlled oscillator? VCO is also called as V-f converter. Why?

8) On what parameters does the free running frequency of VCO depend on?

9) Give the expression for the VCO free running frequency.

10) Define Voltage to Frequency conversion factor.

11) What is the purpose of having a low pass filter in PLL?

12) Discuss the effect of having large capture range.

13) What is a PLL? Mention some typical applications of PLL

14) What is a compander IC? Give some examples.

15) What are the merits of companding?

16) List the applications of OTA.

17) What is a four quadrant multiplier?

18) What is modulation?

19) Draw the circuit of AM detector using PLL.

20) What are the advantages & disadvantages of monolithic PLLs over Discrete PLLs?


1) What is 555 timer? What are the features of 555 timer? Explain the monostable mode in detail?

2) Explain the Astable mode of operation using 555 timer.

3) a) In detail discuss the 723 IC general purpose voltage regulator.
b) Explain the operation of switching regulators. Give its advantages.

4) Explain the functional diagram of LM 380 power amplifier and the essential characteristics.

5) Explain in detail the function of 555 timer in astable mode and derive the expression for the pulse width.

6) Write a short notes on
(i) Optocouplers
(ii) Switched capacitor filter
(iii) Isolation amplifier

Subject Name Linear Integrated Circuits
Subject Code EC6404
Regulation 2013

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