UG syllabus R 2013

EC6302 Digital Electronics Syllabus Regulation 2013 Anna University

EC6302 Digital Electronics Syllabus

EC6302 Digital Electronics Syllabus Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. Digital Electronics EC6302 Syllabus pdf free download.


Minimization Techniques: Boolean postulates and laws – De-Morgan‟s Theorem – Principle of Duality – Boolean expression – Minimization of Boolean expressions –– Minterm – Maxterm – Sum of Products (SOP) – Product of Sums (POS) – Karnaugh map Minimization – Don‟t care conditions – Quine – Mc Cluskey method of minimization. Logic Gates: AND, OR, NOT, NAND, NOR, Exclusive–OR and Exclusive–NOR Implementations of Logic Functions using gates, NAND–NOR implementations – Multi level gate implementations- Multi output gate implementations. TTL and CMOS Logic and their characteristics – Tristate gates

UNIT II COMBINATIONAL CIRCUITS EC6302 Digital Electronics Syllabus

Design procedure – Half adder – Full Adder – Half subtractor – Full subtractor – Parallel binary adder, parallel binary Subtractor – Fast Adder – Carry Look Ahead adder – Serial Adder/Subtractor – BCD adder – Binary Multiplier – Binary Divider – Multiplexer/ Demultiplexer – decoder – encoder – parity checker – parity generators – code converters – Magnitude Comparator.

UNIT III SEQUENTIAL CIRCUITS EC6302 Digital Electronics Syllabus

Latches, Flip-flops – SR, JK, D, T, and Master-Slave – Characteristic table and equation –Application table – Edge triggering – Level Triggering – Realization of one flip flop using other flip flops – serial adder/subtractor- Asynchronous Ripple or serial counter – Asynchronous Up/Down counter – Synchronous counters – Synchronous Up/Down counters – Programmable counters – Design of Synchronous counters: state diagram- State table –State minimization –State assignment – Excitation table and maps-Circuit implementation – Modulo–n counter, Registers – shift registers – Universal shift registers – Shift register counters – Ring counter – Shift counters – Sequence generators.

UNIT IV MEMORY DEVICES EC6302 Digital Electronics Syllabus

Classification of memories – ROM – ROM organization – PROM – EPROM – EEPROM –EAPROM, RAM – RAM organization – Write operation – Read operation – Memory cycle – Timing wave forms – Memory decoding – memory expansion – Static RAM Cell- Bipolar RAM cell – MOSFET RAM cell – Dynamic RAM cell –Programmable Logic Devices – Programmable Logic Array (PLA) – Programmable Array Logic (PAL) – Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) – Implementation of combinational logic circuits using ROM, PLA, PAL


Synchronous Sequential Circuits: General Model – Classification – Design – Use of Algorithmic State Machine – Analysis of Synchronous Sequential Circuits Asynchronous Sequential Circuits: Design of fundamental mode and pulse mode circuits – Incompletely specified State Machines – Problems in Asynchronous Circuits – Design of Hazard Free Switching circuits. Design of Combinational and Sequential circuits using VERILOG.

Subject Name Digital Electronics
Subject Code EC6302
Regulation 2013

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