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EC6302 Digital Electronics Notes Regulation 2013 Anna University

EC6302 Digital Electronics Notes

EC6302 Digital Electronics Notes Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. Digital Electronics EC6302 Notes pdf free download.

OBJECTIVES: EC6302 Digital Electronics Notes

To introduce basic postulates of Boolean algebra and shows the correlation between Boolean expressions

To introduce the methods for simplifying Boolean expressions

To outline the formal procedures for the analysis and design of combinational circuits and sequential circuits

To introduce the concept of memories and programmable logic devices.

To illustrate the concept of synchronous and asynchronous sequential circuits

TEXT BOOK: EC6302 Digital Electronics Notes

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The primary objective of all simplification procedures is to obtain an expression that has the minimum number of terms.

Obtaining an expression with the minimum number of literals is usually the secondary objective. If there is more than one possible solution with the same number of terms, the one having the minimum number of literals is the choice.

There are several methods for simplification of Boolean logic expressions. The process is usually called logic minimization‖ and the goal is to form a result which is efficient. (EC6302 Digital Electronics Notes)

Two methods we will discuss are algebraic minimization and Karnaugh maps. For very complicated problems the former method can be done using special software analysis programs.

Karnaugh maps are also limited to problems with up to 4 binary inputs. The Quine–McCluskey tabular method is used for more than 4 binary inputs.

Subject Name Digital Electronics
Subject Code EC6302
Regulation 2013

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