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Digital Signal Processing Question Bank IT6502 Regulation 2013 Anna University

Digital Signal Processing Question Bank IT6502

Digital Signal Processing Question Bank IT6502 Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. IT6502  Question Bank free pdf download.

Sample Digital Signal Processing Question Bank :

1. Define and express the transfer function of Nth order LTI system. Nov/ Dec 2011

2. Compare Linear Convolution and Circular convolution Nov/ Dec 2011

3. State low pass sampling theorem. Nov/ Dec 2012

4. What is meant by energy and power signal? Nov/ Dec 2012

5. State the convolution property of Z transforms. Nov/ Dec 2013

6. Define sampling theorem. Nov/ Dec 2013

7. (i) Describe the different types of digital signal representation. (8 Marks) Nov/ Dec 2013
(ii) What is Nyquist rate? Explain its significant while sampling the analog signal. (8 Marks)

8. Determine whether the following sinusoids are periodic; if periodic then compute their fundamental period. Nov/ Dec 2014

9. What do you understand by the term signal processing? May/ Jun 2014

10. What is time invariant system? May/ Jun 2014

11. State Sampling theorem. Apr/ May 2015

12. What is quantization error? Apr/ May 2015

13. State the advantages of FFT over DFTs. Apr/ May 2011

14. What is a shift invariant system? Give an example. Nov/Dec 2015

15. Define DT system. Nov/Dec 2015

16. How do you obtain a digital signal from DT signal? Nov/Dec 2015

17. What is the relation between DFT and Z transform? Nov/ Dec 2011

18. What is Phase factor or Twiddle factor? Nov/ Dec 2011

19. What is twiddle factor? Nov/ Dec 2012

20. List the uses of FFT in linear filtering.

21. List any two properties of DFT. May/ Jun 2014

22. What is meant by radix 2 FFT algorithm? May/ Jun 2014

23. Compute DFT of the signal  Apr/ May 2015

24. What is meant by radix 2 FFT? Apr/ May 2015


Subject Name Digital Signal Processing
Subject code IT6502
Regulation 2013

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