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CS6456 Question Bank Object Oriented Programming Regulation 2013 Anna University

CS6456 Question Bank Object Oriented Programming

CS6456 Question Bank Object Oriented Programming Regulation 2013 Anna University

Sample CS6456 Question Bank:

Part – A

1. Give some characteristics of procedure-oriented language.

2. What are the basic concepts of OOPS?

3. What is an object?

4. What is a class?

5. What is an encapsulation?

6. What is meant by dynamic binding or late binding?

7. Write the process of programming in an object-oriented language?

8. List any four advantages of OOPS.

9. What are the features required for object-based programming language?

10. Give any four applications of the OOPS.

11. What are the operators available in C++?

12. What is a scope resolution operator?

13. What is a default argument?

14. What is constant argument?

15. How the class is specified?

16. How do you create an object?

17. How do you access a class member?

18. How is the member functions defined?

19. What are the features of static data member?

20. What are the situations that inline functions may not work?

Part – B

1. Difference between procedure oriented and object oriented program.

2. Difference between Struct and Class in also illustrate with Example

3. Explain the basic features of Object oriented programming in C++.

4. Explain briefly about Constructor and it types with suitable Example.

5. Explain about Storage Classes in C++ with Examples.

6. Explain the following
i)Pointer object.
ii) this pointer

7. Write a C++ program to get and display employee details using class and object

8. Explain the following terms with respect to OOPS .Give suitable examples
(i) Dynamic Binding
(ii) Message Passing
(iii) Reusability
(iv) Polymorphism

9. Relationship between arrays and pointers

10. Implementing stack operation using array.

Subject Name Object Oriented Programming
Subject Code CS6456
Regulation 2013
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