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CS6456 important questions Object Oriented Programming Regulation 2013 Anna University

CS6456 important questions Object Oriented Programming

CS6456 important questions Object Oriented Programming Regulation 2013 Anna University

Sample CS6456 important questions:

1. What are the programming paradigms currently available?

2. What is object oriented paradigm?

3. What are the differences between structures and classes in C++?

4. Differentiate Object Oriented and Object Based Programming Languages.

5. What is Object Oriented Programming? How is it different from the Procedure Oriented Programming?

6. List any two drawbacks of procedure oriented languages.

7. What is meant by prototype based programming?

8. What is a Class? What is an Object? Give an example for each

9. Define encapsulation.

10. Compare inheritance and delegation with respect to Object Oriented Programming.

11. Which feature of object oriented programming provides (a) data hiding
(b) reusability?

12. Define (a) Object   (b) class

13. What is the use of scope resolution operator :: in C++?

14. Can you have a class named main in C++? If yes how do you call its constructor?

15. What is an abstract class?

16. What is Object Orients Programming? List any four OOP languages.

17. What is meant by function overloading?

18. What are conditional constructor and destructor?

19. What is nameless object?

20. Give a note on access specifiers

16 MARK important questions:

1. Describe the basic concepts of Object Oriented Programming and bring out the advantages of OOP.

2. Explain the declaration and defining a class in C++. How will you define the member functions of a class? Explain.

3. What is the need for parameterized constructors? Explain the function of constructors with their declaration and definition inside a class.

4. Illustrate the reserved word inline with two examples.

5. Explain the constructors and destructors.

6. explain the relation between (i)structured Programming(POP) and (ii)OOPs

7. Differentiate Object Oriented and Object based Languages.(8)

8. Explain copy constructor? Explain with a suitable example.

9. Differentiate Object Oriented and Object based Languages. Give examples for both.  List any 8 features of Oops. (Detailed explanation or examples are not required).

Subject Name Object Oriented Programming
Subject Code CS6456
Regulation 2013
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