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CS6401 Question Bank Operating Systems Regulation 2013 Anna University

CS6401 Question Bank Operating Systems

CS6401 Question Bank Operating Systems Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. Operating Systems Question Bank pdf free download.

Sample CS6401 Question Bank

1. Define system process

2. What is an interrupt?

3. What is a system call?

4. What is an interrupt vector?

5. Define bootstrap program

6. Define operating system

7. What is a resource allocator?

8. What is Moore’s law?

9. What is kernel?

10. Draw the storage device hierarchy

11. What is fault tolerant?

12. Define job pool

13. what are the types of operation in operating system ?

14. What is a privileged instruction?

15. What is a trap?

16. What is bitmap?

17. What is real time operating system?

18. What is boot disk?

19. Draw the system structure for unix

20. What is the layered approach in OS?


1. Explain in detail the modern computer system

2. Explain the abstract view of the components of a computer system

3. Explain Von Neumann architecture

4. Explain multiprocessor system

5. Explain operating system structure in detail

6. Explain computing environments

7. Explain open source operating system

8. Explain in detail the operating system services

9. Explain in detail operating system structure

10. Write about OS generation

11. Explain in detail Contiguous Memory Allocation.

12. Explain in detail about segmentation.

13. Explain in detail about paging.

14. Explain in detail about segmentation with paging.

15. Describe the following allocation algorithms:

a. First fit
b. Best fit
c. Worst fit

16. Given memory partitions of 100 KB, 500 KB, 200 KB, 300 KB, and 600 KB( in order), how would each off the first‐fit, best‐fit, and worst‐fit algorithms place processes of 212 KB, 417 KB, 112 KB, and 426 KB (in order) ? Which algorithm makes the most efficient use of memory?

Subject Name Operating Systems
Subject code CS6401
Regulation 2013

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