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Computer Architecture Question Bank CS6303 Regulation 2013 Anna University

Computer Architecture Important questions Syllabus CS6303

Computer Architecture Question Bank CS6303 Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. CS6303 Question Bank pdf free download.

Sample Computer Architecture Question Bank:


PART-A Computer Architecture Question Bank
1. What is meant by data path element?
2. What is the use of PC register?
3. What is meant by register file?
4. What are the two state elements needed to store and access an instruction?
5. Draw the diagram of portion of datapath used for fetching instruction.
6. Define – Sign Extend and Vector interupts
7. What is meant by branch target address?
8. Differentiate branch taken from branch not taken.
9. What is meant by delayed branch?
10. Write the instruction format for the jump instruction.
11. What are hazards? Write its types.
12. What is meant by forwarding?
13. What is pipeline stall?
14. What is meant by branch prediction?
15. What are the 5 pipeline stages?
16. What are exceptions and interrupts?
17. What is meant by pipelining?
18. What are the five steps in MIPS instruction execution?
19. What are the three instruction classes and their instruction formats?
20. Write the formula for calculating time between instructions in a pipelined

PART B Computer Architecture Question Bank

1. Explain the basic MIPS implementation of instruction set
2. Explain the basic MIPS implementation with necessary multiplexers and control lines
3. What is control hazards ?Explain the methods for dealing with the control hazards.
4. Discuss the influence of pipelining in details.

Subject Name Computer Architecture
Subject Code CS6303
Regulation 2013

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Computer Architecture Important Questions

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