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Computer Architecture Important questions CS6303 Regulation 2013 Anna University

Computer Architecture Important questions Syllabus CS6303

Computer Architecture Important questions CS6303 Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. CS6303 Important questions pdf free download.

Sample Computer Architecture Important questions:

1. What are the eight great ideas in computer architecture?

2. What are the five classic components of a computer?

3. What is the function of data path and control path?

4. What is instruction set Architecture?

5. Define application binary interface

6. Differentiate DRAM and SRAM.

7. Compare Volatile and nonvolatile memory.

8. List the advantages of Network Computer.

9. Define VLSI

10. Differentiate Throughput and Response Time

11. Write the CPU performance equation.

12. If computer A runs a program in 10 seconds, and computer B runs the same program
in 15 seconds, how much faster is A over B.

13. Write the formula for CPU execution time for a program

14. Write the formula for CPU clock cycles required for a program.

15. How will you measure the dynamic power dissipppation?

16. Define – Stored Program Concepts

17. What are the fields in an MIPS instruction?

18. List the advantages of multiprocessor over uniprocessor.

19. What are the different types ofoperands? Give examples

20. List the different addressing modes


1. i)Discuss in detail about Eight great ideas of computer Architecture.(8)
ii) Explain in detail about Technologies for Building Processors and Memory (8)

2. Explain the various components of computer System with neat diagram (16)

3. Discuss in detail the various measures of performance of a computer(16)

4. Define Addressing mode and explain the basic addressing modes with an example foreach.

5. Explain operations and operands of computer Hardware in detail (16)

6. i)Discuss the Logical operations and control operations of computer (12)
ii)Write short notes on Power wall(6)

7. Consider three diff erent processors P1, P2, and P3 executing the same instruction set. P1 has a 3 GHz clock rate and a CPI of 1.5. P2 has a 2.5 GHz clock rate and a CPI of 1.0. P3 has a 4.0 GHz clock rate and has a CPI of 2.2.
a. Which processor has the highest performance expressed in instructions per second?
b. If the processors each execute a program in 10 seconds, find the number of cycles and the number of instructions.

Subject Name Computer Architecture
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Regulation 2013

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