How to check Internal marks

How to check Internal marks of students in Anna University and its affiliated collages:

  • Click the below link to go to the coe page to check internal marks.
  • Log in to

           View  Portal 1   

           View Portal 2

  • Enter the register number in the student login and date of birth with correct captcha.
  • Click the internal mark tab to see the student internal mark for each subject.
  • Seems like the internal mark for 100 marks you can convert it for 20 marks by dividing it with 5.

How does this internal mark works???

  1. First of all to clear a semester exam a student must get at least score 50 marks in total of external and internal.
  2. If a students get 45 marks in external out of 100 while converting it to 80 the mark will reduce to 36.
  3. When a student gets 36 out of 80 marks in the external and 14 out of 20 marks in the internal  then he/she is pass.
  4. If the grand total doesn’t exceed 50 then he/she is fail.

Note: Parents can also view the internal marks, attendance and other information regarding their son or daughter performance.


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