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CE8491 Question paper Soil Mechanics Regulation 2017 Anna University

CE8491 Question paper SOIL MECHANICS

CE8491 Question Paper Soil Mechanics Regulation 2017 Anna University free download. Soil Mechanics Question paper CE8491 pdf free download.

Sample CE8491 Question Paper Soil Mechanics:

5. The mass of wet soil when compacted in a mould was 19.55 kN. The water content of the soil
was 16%. If the volume of the mould was 0.95 m3. Determine (i) dry unit weight, (ii) Void ratio,
(iii) degree of saturation and (iv) percent air voids. Take G = 2.68. (AUC May/June 2012) CE8491 Question Paper Soil Mechanics

6. In a hydrometer analysis, the corrected hydrometer reading in a 1000 ml uniform soil
suspension at the start of sedimentation was 28. After a lapse of 30 minutes, the corrected CE8491 Question Paper Soil Mechanics
hydrometer reading was 12 and the corresponding effective depth 10.5 cm. the specific gravity
of the solids was 2.68. Assuming the viscosity and unit weight of water at the temperature of the
test as 0.001 Ns/m2 and 9.81 kN/m3 respectively. Determine the weight of solids mixed in the CE8491 Question Paper Soil Mechanics
suspension, the effective diameter corresponding to the 30 minutes reading and the percentage
of particle finer than this size. (AUC May/June 2012)

7. An earthen embankment of 106 m3 volume is to be constructed with a soil having a void ratio of
0.80 after compaction. There are three borrow pits marked A, B and C having soils with voids CE8491 Question Paper Soil Mechanics
ratios of 0.90, 0.50 and 1.80 respectively. The cost of excavation and transporting the soil is Rs 0.25, Rs 0.23 and Rs 0.18 per m3 respectively. Calculate the volume of soil to be excavated
from each pit.Which borrow pit is the most economical? (Take G = 2.65). (AUC Nov/Dec 2011) CE8491 Question Paper Soil Mechanics

8. A laboratory compaction test on soil having specific gravity equal to 2.67 gave a maximum dry
unit weight of 17.8 kN/m3 and a water content of 15%. Determine the degree of saturation, air
content and percentage air voids at the maximum dry unit weight.What would be theoretical
maximum dry unit weight corresponding to zero air voids at the optimum water content?

Subject name Soil Mechanics
Short Name SM
Semester 4
Subject Code CE8491
Regulation 2017 regulation

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