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CE8404 Notes Concrete Technology Regulation 2017 Anna University

CE8404 Notes Concrete Technology

CE8404 Notes Concrete Technology Regulation 2017 Anna University free download. Concrete Technology Notes CE8404 pdf free download.

OBJECTIVE: CE8404 Notes Concrete Technology

 To impart knowledge to the students on the properties of materials for concrete by suitable tests, mix design for concrete and special concretes.

OUTCOMES: CE8404 Notes Concrete Technology

Students will be able to understand  The various requirements of cement, aggregates and water for making concrete  The effect of admixtures on properties of concrete  The concept and procedure of mix design as per IS method  The properties of concrete at fresh and hardened state  The importance and application of special concretes.

TEXTBOOKS: CE8404 Notes Concrete Technology

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REFERENCES: CE8404 Notes Concrete Technology

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Subject name Concrete Technology
Short Name CT
Semester 4
Subject Code CE8404
Regulation 2017 regulation

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