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CE8351 Question Bank Surveying Regulation 2017 Anna University

CE8351 Question Bank Surveying 

CE8351 Question Bank Surveying Regulation 2017 Anna University free download. Surveying Question Bank CE8351 pdf free download.

Sample CE8351 Question Bank Surveying:

Questions from question paper are provided

1. What is meant by digital planimeter?

2. List the different cumulative errors in chain surveying.

3. Tell the length of one link in engineer’s chain and Gunter’s chain.

4. Name the instruments/accessories needed to carry out a chain surveying.

5. List the errors that will occur when the distance between the two points is measured using tape.

6. Discuss ranging. Mention its types. (CE8351 Question Bank Surveying)

7. What is the use of trough compass in plane table surveying?

8.Distinguish between Magnetic Dip and Declination.

9.Why Eastern and Western ends are interchanged in Surveyor’s compass.

10.Distinguish between true bearing and magnetic bearing.

11.Discuss the term bearings and its types. (CE8351 Question Bank Surveying)

12. Calculate the reduced bearing values for the whole circle bearings 150° and 270°.

13. Change the following whole circle bearing to reduced bearing:
(a) 151° 20’ (b) 332° 40’.

14. What is meant by sensitivity of level tube?

15. List the different types of leveling staves.

16. List out the types of levelling instruments.

17. Write about datum. (CE8351 Question Bank Surveying)

18. Define Benchmark and give its types.

19. Evaluate is reduction in leveling?Name the methods.

20. Calculate the combined correction for value 6000m &9000m.

1. What is meant by balancing in theodolite surveying?

2. Define transit.(CE8351 Question Bank Surveying)

3. List out the steps in temporary adjustments of theodolite surveying.

4. What is contour? State the uses of contour.

5. Label the fundamental axis of Theodolite.

6. List the different field works to be carried out in theodolite traversing.

7. Differentiate between latitude and departure. (CE8351 Question Bank Surveying)

8. Describe about anallactic lens

9. Summarize the methods of interpolating contours.

10. Discuss few points on contour gradient.

11. Discover the reason for taking face left and face right observations.

12. Illustrate the location and function of plate bubble in a theodolite.

13. Illustrate the contour lines for hill and a depression

14. What do you infer about centring of a theodolite?

15. Compare theodolite and tacheometer.

16. How will you analyze the capacity of the reservoir. (CE8351 Question Bank Surveying)

17.What if the contour line crosses a valley at right angles or a stream?

18. List the errors which are eliminated in measurement of horizontal
angles by repetition method.

19. Summarize the principle of stadia method.

20. Summarize the methods of locating contouring (CE8351 Question Bank Surveying)


Subject name Surveying
Semester 3
Subject Code CE8351
Regulation 2017 regulation

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