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CE6605 Important questions Environmental Engineering 2 Regulation 2013 Anna University

CE6605 Important questions Environmental Engineering 2

CE6605 Important questions Environmental Engineering 2 Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. Environmental Engineering 2 Important questions free pdf download.

Sample CE6605 Important questions :

1) What do you mean by time of concentration?

State its significance in sewage
design. (A/M-11)
 The period after which the entire area will start contributing to the runoff is called time of concentration.
 It is defined as the longest time without unreasonable delay that will be required for a drop of water to flow from further point of drainage area.
 It indicates the time of flow, time of entry, exit and the run off times.

2) State the pollution control board norms for effluent discharge into streams? (A/M-11)

 To render sewage inoffensive.
 To save the aquatic life.
 Tom eliminate the danger of contamination of water supplies.
 The amount of treatment that should be given to the sewage.

3) List the factor influencing the fixing of design period? (A/M-11)

 Weather flow condition
 Rate of water supply
 Type of area served
 Population growth

6) State the necessity of waste water characterization? (M/J-12)

 It’s indicates the amount of heavy metals and synthesized organic compounds generated by industrial activities.
 As technological changes takes place in manufacturing. Changes also occur in the compounds discharged and the resulting waste water characteristics.
 Therefore waste water characterization on becomes a essential pats of an overall water quality management program.

Subject Name Environmental Engineering 2
Subject Code CE6605
Regulation 2013
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