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CE6405 Question Bank Soil Mechanics Regulation 2013 Anna University

CE6405 Question Bank Soil Mechanics

CE6405 Question Bank Soil Mechanics Regulation 2013 Anna University.

Sample CE6405 Question Bank Soil Mechanics:

1. Distinguish between Residual and Transported soil. (AUC May/June 2012)

2. Give the relation between γsat, G, γw and e. (AUC May/June 2012)

3. A compacted sample of soil with a bulk unit weight of 19.62 kN/m3 has a water content of 15 per cent.What are its dry density, degree of saturation and air content? Assume G = 2.65.
(AUC Apr/May 2010)

4. What are all the Atterberg limits for soil and why it is necessary? (AUC Nov/Dec 2012)

5. Define sieve analysis and sedimentation analysis and what is the necessity of these two
analysis? (AUC Nov/Dec 2012)

6. Determine the maximum possible voids ratio for a uniformly graded sand of perfectly spherical
grains. (AUC Nov/Dec 2011)

7. What is a zero air voids line? Draw a compaction curve and show the zero air voids line.
(AUC Nov/Dec 2011)

8.Write the major soil classifications as per Indian Standard Classification System.

9. What is porosity of a given soil sample? (AUC Apr / May 2011)

10.What is water content in given mass of soil? (AUC Apr / May 2011)

11. Define :

(a) Porosity
(b) Void ratio. (AUC Nov/Dec 2010)

12. Define effective size of particle in sieve analysis. (AUC Nov/Dec 2010)

13.Write any two engineering classification system of soil. (AUC Apr / May 2009)

14. List any one expression for finding dry density of soils. (AUC Apr / May 2009)

15. Define water content and compaction.

16.What are the laboratory methods of determination of water content?

17. Define degree of saturation and shrinkage ratio.

18. Define specific gravity and density index.

19.What do understand from grain size distribution?

20.What are consistency limits of soil?

21. Define plasticity index, flow index and liquidity index.

22.What are the methods available for determination of in-situ density?

23.What is the function of A-line Chart in soil classification?

Subject Name Soil Mechanics
Subject Code CE6405
Regulation 2013
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