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CE6405 important questions Soil Mechanics Regulation 2013 Anna University

CE6405 important questions Soil Mechanics

CE6405 important questions Soil Mechanics Regulation 2013 Anna University.

Sample CE6405 important questions:

1. Define Soil mechanics.

Soil mechanics is defined as the application of the laws and principles of mechanics and hydraulics to engineering problems dealing with soil as an engineering material

2. What is compaction?

The process by which the porosity of a given form of sediment is decreased as a result of its mineral grains being squeezed together by the weight of overlying sediment or by mechanical means.

3. What is shrinkage limit?

The shrinkage limit (SL) is the water content where further loss of moisture will not result in any more volume reduction.

4. Define Liquid limit.

The plastic limit (PL) is the water content where soil starts to exhibit plastic behavior. A thread of soil is at its plastic limit when it is rolled to a diameter of 3 mm and crumbles. To improve consistency, a 3 mm diameter rod is often used to gauge the thickness of the thread when conducting the test.

5. What is Plasticity Index?

The plasticity index (PI) is a measure of the plasticity of a soil. The plasticity index is the size of the range of water contents where the soil exhibits plastic properties. The PI is the difference between the liquid limit and the plastic limit (PI = LL‐PL). Soils with a high
PI tend to be clay, those with a lower PI tend to be silt, and those with a PI of 0 tend to have little or no silt or clay

6. Define the term Liquidity Index.

The liquidity index (LI) is used for scaling the natural water content of a soil sample to the limits. It can be calculated as a ratio of difference between natural water content, plastic limit, and plasticity index: LI=(W‐PL)/(LL‐PL) where W is the natural water content.


Subject Name Soil Mechanics
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Regulation 2013
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