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CE6404 question bank SURVEYING 2 REGULATION 2013 Anna University

CE6404 question bank SURVEYING 2

CE6404 question bank SURVEYING 2 REGULATION 2013 Anna University

Sample CE6404 question bank:

1. Triangulation :

Triangulation is nothing but the system consists of not of interconnected triangles. In this method, knowing the length of one side and three angles, the length of other two sides of each triangle can be computed.

2. Satellite Station :

A subsidiary station is established as near the true or principal station as possible, the station so established
is called a satellite station or eccentric station or false station.

3. Reduction to centre:

If the true station were occupied by computing the corrections and apply them algebraically to the observed
values is generally known as reduction of centre.

4. Base net:

A series of triangles connecting the baseline to the main triangulation is called base net.

5. Bench marking :

It is a fined reference point of known elevation.

6. Types of Bench Mark:

Great Trigonometric survey Bench mark
Permanent Bench mark
Arbitrary Bench mark
Temporary Bench mark

7. Equipments used for base line measurement:

Marking stakes or tripod
Straining device
Supporting stakes or tripod
Steel tape
Six number of thermometer.

8. Signals :

A Signal any object such as a pole target erected at a station upon which a sight is taken by a observer at another station.

9. Mistakes (or) Gauss Errors:

Depends upon the observer, a mistake cannot be corrected unless the observer get training. The mistakes are errors that arise from inattention, inexperience, carelessness and poor judgement of confusion in the mind of observer.

10. Conditioned Quantity:

It is the one whose value is dependent upon the values of one (or) more quantities. Its values bear a rigid relation to some other quantities. It is also called
“dependent quantities”.

Subject Name Surveying 2
Subject Code CE6404
Regulation 2013
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