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Artificial Intelligence Question Bank CS6659 Regulation 2013 Anna University

Artificial Intelligence Question Bank CS6659

Artificial Intelligence Question Bank CS6659 Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. CS6659 Question Bank pdf free download. CS6659 Question Bank regulation 2013.

Sample Artificial Intelligence Question Bank:

1. What is informed search?

One that uses problem – specific knowledge beyond the definition of the problem itself and it can find solutions more efficiently than an uninformed strategy.

2. What is the use of QUEUING_FN?

QUEUING_FN inserts asset of elements into the queue. Different varieties of queuing fn produce different varieties of the search algorithm.

3. Mention the criteria for the evaluation of search strategy.

There are 4 criteria: Completeness, time complexity, space complexity, optimality

4. List the various search strategies.

a. BFS
b. Uniform cost search
c. DFS
d. Depth limited search
e. Iterative deepening search
f. Bidirectional search

5. List the various informed search strategy.

Best first search –greedy search ,A* search
Memory bounded search-Iterative deepening A*search -simplified memory bounded A*search -Iterative improvement search –hill climbing -simulated annealing

6. What is Best First Search?

Best First Search is an instance of the general TREE SEARCH or GRAPH SEARCH algorithm in which a node is selected for expansion based on an evaluation function, f(n).

7. Define Evaluation function, f(n).

A node with the lowest evaluation is selected for expansion, because evaluation measures distance to the goal.

8. Define Heuristic function, h (n).

h (n) is defined as the estimated cost of the cheapest path from node n to a goal node.

9. Define Greedy Best First Search.

It expands the node that is closest to the goal (i.e.) to reach solution in a quicker way. It is done by using the heuristic function: f(n) = h(n).

Subject Name Artificial Intelligence
Subject code CS6659
Regulation 2013

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